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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is required by our company, do you provide prior to any consulting project commencement?
    With no exception, yes. We firmly believe in building a transparent and trusting relationship with our clients. An NDA is a fundamental requirement to start the journey with our clients.
  • Are you willing to visit us before any training is set?
    For any training to be identified and scheduled, a formal site visit (at least one) is required prior to any signed agreement. We feel it is vital to visit the site to understand the needs and objectives in person.
  • Do you provide class materials that can be kept by the participants?
    All formal training includes materials for each participant to be kept for future reference.
  • Can you do on-site training?
    Absolutely with all programs scheduled to meet the needs of the client. Considerations for training schedules typically include production shifts, company holidays, weekends, “heavy” production times, physical inventory counts and period-ending timeframes.
  • What class formats can you support?
    Numerous… Class formats such as face-to-face, once-weekly, twice-weekly, daily, daytime, lunch, evening, after-hours, off-shift, Saturdays, remote locations, muli-classes same-day and custom within any client constraints.